Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant


Successful professionals that are at the stage of delegating and hiring extra support will tell you…”It was extremely difficult taking the plunge but when we did it was worth it, having a virtual assistant made a difference to our productivity”.


Trusting someone else to wear a couple of your hats is nerve wracking and stressful, but you can’t do it all on your own, when you reach crisis point it’s make or break time. Some things you can plan before we start working together are;

  • Spend some time writing down the tasks that you don’t always enjoy doing or perhaps you have struggled to find time to complete recently on schedule. Some of these tasks could be; social media management, chasing late payments, e-mailing prospects, scheduling a meeting,  or arranging travel?
  • Write down all of your daily tasks and highlight the ones that could be delegated reasonably easily, ask yourself “Can I delegate this?”

There may not be a single defining reason for wanting to hire a virtual assistant, you may just need an all-rounder that can support with anything that you throw at them to free up your time to deal with larger problems.

A huge benefit with hiring a virtual assistant is that they do not need to be micro managed, if you have agreed a completion time for a project then you can get on with other tasks on your to do list.

A virtual assistant is self employed which removes a whole host of costs and problems that can occur with full time permanent employees such as; maternity cover, annual leave, sickness absence and late arrival times to name a few.

Are you getting snowed under and need to delegate the menial tasks to someone else?

If you require virtual administration support contact me 01902798189 or




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