What our customers are saying



Senior Actuarial Consultant FIA FCAS based in London “Keily has supported me for over a year now and I’m very pleased with the way our business relationship has and continues to develop.  Keily is very eager to help with a variety of tasks, from scheduling appointments to creating executive summaries of detailed technical reports.

The quality of the output is excellent, even when tasking Keily with work which is more challenging.

Keily’s demeanour is pleasant and friendly and her communications are clear and punctual.  Keily is aware of the need to develop a virtual assistance service incrementally and is patient in doing so whilst building trust.

Based on my experience of working with Keily so far, I fully expect to continue making use of this service into 2015 to enhance my focus and support my productivity”.


Founder and CEO Mark “I can honestly say the work I have asked for Keily to do has been professional and rapid. I am hoping that Keily will be a part of my growing organisations. I feel that I have had so much of my work lifted from my shoulders and know that with one quick email or phone call the work I need will be done”.


Business Development Director based in Poland “Keily Adey provided PA/VA services for our business- A trench heating manufacturer in Poland. It is a busy time for us as we are entering multiple EU markets in the same period of time. Keily did a really good job for us as a spare pair of hands. I definitely would like to recommend Keily, when even the most complicated PA/VA missions are concerned. She is Punctual, reliable, creative, thinking outside the box but fist and foremost very hard working person.
Now we are slowing down a bit as due to participating in Ecobuild and ISH, but later on we would definitely see Keily on board again”.


Managing Director- Commercial Consultancy “As a stretched business owner who tries to juggle several different priorities, I have found Keily to be a great help whenever needed on an ad hoc basis.  She is professional and responsive, and once I ask her to help with something, I am confident that it will be dealt with promptly and without any fuss.”


President & CEO based in New York “I am the CEO of a company that has just recently started working with Ms’ Keily Adey and very pleased to say we are off to a great start.
Keily is very quick to respond to my emails and the initial projects she has done have been very well done and done quickly.

I have no reservations in recommending Keily as she will do a great job for you”.


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