Social Media Management

Do you want a constant social media presence but don’t have the time?

Confused and don’t know where to start? Or do you simply want someone to build your online reputation for you?

Stay Connected actively share relevant interesting content, build relationships and keep in contact with your prospects and customers.

Worried about negative feedback on social media, let us deal with it for you, we will be responsive apologetic and turn every comment into a positive.

Establish a meaningful conversation and you have a relationship, establish a relationship and you have a customer who will always think of you before the competition.

Brands in constant dialogue with their customers are significantly more likely to convert them.

Stay Connected Virtual Assistance will:

  • Will provide tailored, branded responses to start new conversations.
  • Build new audiences by sharing relevant and engaging articles to keep readers coming back.
  • We will increase your followers.
  • Build your brand
  • Advertise your business for you during networking hours on Twitter. 
  • Increase your website traffic.
  • Make you more visible online and on Google.
  • Build a good strong online presence.

Contact Keily to discuss and for information about our rates 01902 798189

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