Social Media Goals to Consider in 2019



Goal setting is imperative for all marketing and business strategies, and social media is not any different! It is difficult to determine what objectives you need to put into your social media marketing and it will depend on the industry that you are in to plan adequately. Here are some ideas to help you devise and consider implementing in your 2019 marketing plan:

  • Increase brand awareness: To create authentic and lasting brand awareness, avoid constant promotional messages. Instead, focus on meaningful content, industry news and a strong brand personality through your social channels.
  • Social targeting: Monitor and listen with your social media targeting. Digging through your social channels and find influencers in your industry. Be specific and use keywords, phrases and hashtags. Through more efficient social media targeting, you reach your core audience a lot faster.
  • Drive sales: If you want to start seeing sales results through your social media then you must build trust online. Buyers want to know how they are buying from and they want to know that you are a reputable business who will do what they say they will do. Promote your brand, alert customers to your buisness news and request reviews and testimonials from your converted customers and fan base.
  • Improve ROI: Audit all your social media channels. What can you change to improve your return on investment (ROI) If you don’t have time to do your social media then outsource it to a virtual assistant who can stay on target and hit the goals that you have set for your social media marketing plan.
  • Create a loyal fanbase and following: Does your brand promote your products and services. Do your followers react positively to your posts? Getting likes, comments and shares takes time and effort. Creating a positive brand persona on social media requires daily activity.
  • Be more competitive and share your industry knowledge: What are your competitors doing? What are they sharing that seems to be working? What strategies are they using to drive engagement? Researching and having a better understanding of your industry on social media will improve your results and give ideas for future social media posts and shares.


If you have a marketing plan but struggling to find the time to implement it, please give me a call or email me to discuss next steps and the rates I charge to do it for you. I would love to help you become more successful and reach your goals on social media. Keily 07789730199