Tips for a PA travelling with the boss on business

Organising business events and travel is a huge part of being a P.A. it takes a large amount of time to book a complex business trip (especially if it is long haul with drop offs). As an assistant, it is expected that we organise every single tiny detail. It isn’t all glamorous and to be honest it can be very stressful.


If you are assisting your boss on a business trip here are some tips to take the stress away and make the trip run smoothly.

1.     Obtain a company credit card and make sure you take plenty of cash in the correct currencies for taxi’s and tips!

2.     Check that your company mobile phone can be used abroard sometimes, contact your provider before traveling and turn off your data roaming.

3.     The trip will be quite costly for your company, so make sure you do everything you can to prove to your boss that you were worth taking along, be extra organised, take notes, always be a step ahead. If you need taxi’s when you arrive at your destination have the numbers easily accessible and maximise both your productivity and your boss’s during the trip by whipping out your laptop whilst travelling and getting on with some work.

4.     Arrive early to the airport get all your paperwork organised passports easily accessible. You are the first port of call if there is a problem so be prepared that you will face problems during the trip. Stay calm and think ahead to make sure you have a successful hassle-free business trip.

5.     Always be polite to everyone you meet during the trip, if you hit a problem you never know who you will need to help you.

6.     You are on a business trip and not on holiday. Dress appropriately and in the same way as you would in your office. Check the dress code for and pre-booked events and restaurants.

7.     Be astute and spend time researching and introducing yourself to the people your boss will be meeting during the trip, have some notes written for each person. Conversation starters are very important during business lunches, find out as much as you can prior to the meeting about their hobbies and interests.

8.     When travelling abroad check the country’s customs and research the place you are going to.

9.     You are in control of the details when travelling with your boss book rooms next to each other not on different floors. Travelling during the night? Don’t book seats opposite each other keep some distance it will be important when you both want to go to sleep that you feel comfortable you’ll both ant some space.

10.  Get regular updates from the office to make sure there aren’t any problems that you didn’t know about.

Do you require a VA to organise and accompany you on excursions and events? Contact us to discuss.



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