Reasons why your website needs a blog…

By Keily Adey – Stay Connected Virtual Assistance Ltd

Social media platforms are a complete waste of your company’s time and resources, if you do not have a blog. Why? Because a blogger will humanise and establish relationships with your growing social audience, building your brand through quality content relevant to your company’s products, services and long term goals.

A blog gives your business a voice and allows your customers to connect with your company. Readers can post comments allowing them to interact and engage with you on a personal level, people buy from people they know.

A blog encourages trust through transparency, if people feel that they can connect with you through reading your blog posts they will in time begin to trust your business and brand.

It is important to schedule your posts consistently so people know when to expect the next one to be published, this will build a strong and active audience. Always leave your readers wanting more of your quality content, make them want to come back to read the next edition, this will increase your website traffic and very importantly your SEO.

A blog is less informal than an old fashioned phone call or email, meaning people can freely express their views and opinions, which is the perfect platform for tests and gathering feedback on your products and services, use this to your advantage and ask your audience the questions you are desperate to know the answers to.

Creating a successful blog requires;

Consistency– Plan and schedule your posts regularly. Only publish quality content aimed at your audience.

Content– Don’t share your blog post once, schedule it regularly and use relevant hashtags to increase clicks and retweets. New followers will want to read your posts too, if they don’t know about it they can’t read it. Keep a weekly schedule of posts that you will be sharing with your followers.

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