Business Dry Spell, how do you cope?

By Keily Adey

Director of Stay Connected Virtual Assistance LTD

An online virtual administration, PA and telecommunications company supporting businesses worldwide with the tasks they do not have time to do.

You have been working day and night outsourcing to others, you have built up a  great team with fantastic skills and expertise. Work couldn’t be going any better if your wanted it to.

All of a sudden and out of nowhere work starts to slow down and grinds to a halt. Everyone starts taking holidays, prospects that were supposed to convert haven’t and everything you have built up feels like it is fading away.

How do you cope with the high to low gear? Is this normal and how can I get busy again? These are all questions that I have either been asked or have gone through myself.

Here are a few suggestions that I think will help:

Get into a routine or keep the routine you already have.

If your work is quiet keep yourself motivated, stay in the routine you have been accustomed to. Marketing and networking is work and it is hard work, just because you’re not working for a specific client and inundated with client work it doesn’t mean you can’t trick your brain into thinking that you are.

Always stay motivated and active with your online community.

Connect and network

Connect with businesses online, attend meetings and events that you do not normally have time to go to. Which clients could you meet up with that you haven’t seen for some time? Which clients have you never met because your whole existence is online? Make time to move forwards and motivate yourself to increase your workload.

Have a positive mental attitude.

A CAN-DO attitude says everything to me, it tells me someone is productive, professional and powerful.

Update your online presence.

Update and rewrite sections of your website, new blog posts, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Get organised with future blog posts to keep a constant active presence you won’t have the time when you are ultra-busy keeping all of your new clients happy.

Add Skills.

Think about all of the new skills you have gained from the projects you have taken on over the last year. You can never have too many skills. What have your previous projects been, what could you have done better or differently? What areas or skills have let you down over the last year? What skills will make you more marketable? Think about going on a new course or gaining a new skill it will only help in the long term.

Reach out to old and new prospects.

Start networking, reach out to old prospects, clients and build rapport drumming up new clients and business, even if they don’t need support right now perhaps they have clients who could utilise your services.

Evaluate Your Business Model

  • Have you been undercharging or over charging?
  • Is your cash flow working for your freelance or small business?
  • Could you have done anything differently?
  • Are your accounts up to date?

Evaluate if you are using your quiet time effectively, change and adapt to suit your business and move forwards.


As the scouts say ‘Always be prepared!’

You may have been freelancing for quite some time now, make a note of your business patterns. When are your peaks and troughs? Be prepared, if you know a dry spell is coming up, why not book a holiday and enjoy the quiet spell.


When do you notice your quiet time, is it holiday season? Have you any comments that can help?


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