Looking for work? Use our free CV database and upload yours.

Free CV upload database– worldwide employment possibilities just a few clicks away.

 As a Virtual Assistant and outsource recruiter, I depend on cost effectively reaching out to thousands of people to fill what can sometimes be unusual and regularly highly skilled positions, this sometimes means having access to a worldwide database to fill bilingual translation positions, and inevitably this means viewing thousands of C.V’s just to fill one vacancy, this enables me to find and interview the very best person for that particular role.

Recently one particular website I used for CV perusal started charging £1 per CV view, which has completely cut me out of their market as a small business. With costs which are astronomically high this makes it almost impossible to fill a vacancy on this job board, I have found all to have similarly high costs.

For all Employers and candidates looking for work I have created a new free upload and online C.V database stayconnectedcv.com to cost effectively give access to all CV’s cost effectively, quickly and simply.

Thinking of changing careers and improving your prospects. Upload your C.V to stayconnectedcv.com a quick, free and effective way to advertise to your future employer. Open up your world of employer engagement to land your dream job.

stayconnectedcv.com enables employers worldwide to view our vast collection of unlimited C.V’s with no limitations £20 per year no hidden fees, extras or long contracts.

Feel free to write comments and ideas, we are continually perfecting and improving our system!



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