Talented forward thinkers don’t want traditional jobs!

Every business wants someone reliable, someone who will put in the extra mile, someone with great talent and of course someone who will think outside the box. If you can’t find them locally then the chances are I won’t either. I’ll ask you to open up your mind and literally yes please ‘think outside the box!’

Great talent is in short supply, if you are looking for someone to sit in your office and work, then seriously it’s time to open up your mind and think remotely, and believe me your world of employment and recruiting will open up too.

Think remote, think freelancer, and then yes of course I can get the perfect person for your business, and yes the perfect candidate you are looking for will be at the other end of your computer, and yes you can interview them, but it’ll be through Skype and not sitting opposite you in your office.

If you want a great candidate then you’ve got to give a little back, make them want to work for you, more importantly get them to work with you and with your vision.

Talented forward thinkers don’t want traditional jobs, they want to manage their own time, they want to work remotely because they value their independence, if they contained themselves in your office they wouldn’t have the creative ambitious mind you want so embrace the benefits of employment demand and the options that come with it.

Are you looking to hire? Will you be hiring a freelancer or the traditional employee? What are your thoughts on recruiting for 2016?

If you need support with recruitment, telemarketing, social media, and general P.A. support you can contact me via email for more information and rates or schedule a call, drop me a line keilyadey@hotmail.co.uk

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