Not everyone can be successful

A man living in my village is an extremely successful businessman, and although I am aware that the word entrepreneur is used very loosely these days, (every article seems to be about one entrepreneur or another making it, or failing as the case may be) it seems to be the word of the ‘moment’ but if I had to use a word, I could only think of this one… ‘Entrepreneur’ to describe the man I am talking to you about.

Do you ponder and question what it takes for the average person to become bigger and more successful than the average working Joe? Well I do!success Going back to the successful business man I started to tell you about, it seems that achieving success is incredibly damn difficult both personally as well as professionally.

Living in a small community puts pressure on all villagers at the best of times, what must it be like when you reach the top? With eager to gossip neighbor’s right on your doorstep, jealous relatives waiting for the golden spoon.

I would like to hope that after the struggle getting to the top, you wouldn’t worry about the petty silly parts of success however, we are all human so I assume it would still hit hard if you heard that you were apparently a ‘drug dealer’ or ‘handed the money on a plate by your family’ after striving and working 24/7 missing out on family holiday’s and celebrations to absolutely make sure you achieve your dream.

Do you stare out of your office window gazing out at the car park hoping for something bigger or a greater purpose?  Or is it just not possible for everyone to achieve a greater meaning, to become a success story?

People aren’t born great and I truly believe that no amount of money to start with will make you more successful than someone without it. For instance a wealthy teenager could be given a Lamborghini for his 18th birthday by his parents and kill themselves the same weekend drag racing with friends, money didn’t give them a calling card for greatness.

What does a successful entrepreneur need to do in order to achieve higher greatness than the average person?

  • Never settle for second best.
  • Say no when needed and yes to the right things.
  • Never give up.
  • Never do anything just for money, you’ve got to really want something bad enough.
  • Have great focus/vision and follow it through.
  • Don’t get distracted or let others hold you back.
  • Hard work, determination, knowledge and stamina will get you to your goal in the end.

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Keily Adey

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