Delegating tasks to a Virtual Assistant, slightly worried?

Delegating tasks to a Virtual Assistant, slightly worried?

Most successful professionals that are at the stage of delegating and hiring extra support will tell you that, it is extremely difficult taking the final step when taking on an extra pair of hands.



Trusting someone else to wear a couple of your hats which may I add, have always fitted perfectly fine in the past, now suddenly they don’t seem to be fitting quite so well anymore, taking someone on can be quite stressful. Some questions that help professionals take the final plunge and use my support and virtual P.A services are;

  • Think of the tasks that you don’t always enjoy doing or perhaps you have struggled to find time to complete recently on schedule?
  • Write down all of your daily tasks and highlight the ones that could be delegated reasonably easily, ask yourself “Can I delegate this?”
  • Are you worried that the project won’t get completed on time? A way around this is when handing the task over to your V.A ask how long do you think this will take? Can this be completed by Friday latest? What could possibly prevent this being completed by Friday?

There may not be a single defining reason for wanting to hire a virtual assistant, you may just need an all-rounder that can support with anything that you throw at them, whilst freeing you up to deal with the larger problems.

A huge benefit with hiring a V.A is that they do not need to be micro managed, if you have agreed a set time to be spent on a project then the time spent remains the same regardless of how long it took them to complete it.

A virtual assistant works from their own home office, this removes a whole host of problems and excuses that can occur with full time permanent staffing issues such as; maternity leave, sick leave and late arrival times due to commuting into the office to name just a few.

If you would like to consider my V.A. services I would love to hear from you, please feel free to contact me I will be happy to schedule a call to discuss your requirements.

Are you getting snowed under and need to delegate the menial tasks to someone else?

Do you want to get on with the important tasks required to expand and run your business?

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