Everyone can have a voice with social media. How can i be heard?

I often find myself wracking my brain, ‘what can I blog about?’ it isn’t always very easy targeting an audience, because everyone wants to read and get different things out of a post.

I have noticed that it really doesn’t matter what people think. I am better off writing about what I want to write about rather than suiting other people.

You cannot write a bad blog if you follow these simple points below:

  1. Write relevant to your business.
  2. Write a topic you know about
  3. Write about what you are passionate about.
  4. Be diverse but without being offensive.

There is no such thing as failing, where your writing is concerned. An audience will either like it enough to share and ‘like it’ or, they won’t like it and won’t share it, who cares.

Sometimes putting your words out in a blog post and gaining feedback from it and learning about how people have engaged with your content can be extremely valuable, and also the best way to teach you how to write for that particular audience in the future. Sometimes the only way to learn is by testing it on a live blog.

Narrow down your topic ideas, start writing and finally, get it out there. Don’t give up! Keep writing, until people like and love your writing.

Everyone can have a voice with social media, just give it a go!

Have you given any thought to using a Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)?

Whatever it is that you need support with please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements further keilyadey@hotmail.co.uk

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