Blogging – How can a V.A help you?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can make your life much easier. Here are some suggestions of ways your V.A. can help you with blog related tasks.

I am a big believer that you can’t do everything yourself and blogging is no exception, you know your business and industry better than your VA does, so you should write your blog posts. The most time consuming part of writing a blog post is brooding over which topic or subject you should write about. To start with, get your VA to choose a couple of blog post from that week and send them over to you. It will be a lot quicker for you to select your favorite from her list and simply write about it.

Get your VA to format your blog posts into WordPress.

A blog post is always better to be drafted in Word first, write posts in longhand when you’re unplugged and travelling, when you are back in the office send over your drafts to your VA let them spend the time inputting your blog post with the correct formatting into WordPress.

Provide special formatting.

WordPress can be frustrating with special formatting requirements. If you have a special spacing need or several images or a video to insert it may not be a good use of your time, so pass it over to your V.A. to do.

(SEO) Research keywords for your blog post.

Cut down on wasted time and write the post rather than spending an hour or more researching key words for search engine optimization (SEO). Get you VA to suggest keywords for your blog posts.


Blog posts require research.

You require some more statistics to make your blog post stand out. Suggest some starting points and sources to your VA and get them to find the information you need. Get your blog post finished and published this week rather than sitting in the draft section of WordPress.

Accumulate comments from past posts

A great idea for a blog post is to compile the comments people have posted in response to questions on all of your social media and assemble a blog post from the questions and comments, point your VA to the comments or email them so they can put them into a blog post draft. It will make it easier for you to write your interpretation around the comments and finally schedule the post.

Your VA can also compile a draft collection of your posts on a particular topic or propose candidates for a summary of other people’s posts on that issue.

Search for images.

It takes time to search for suitable images to illustrate blog posts. Delegate your VA to narrow a selection of images and email them to you. There are plenty of free or sites that your VA can use.

Create newsletters with blog posts covering the same themes.

Creating newsletters is a weekly task for me as a VA, recycle old blog posts, pull your old posts with similar themes together and create an e-newsletter. Your VA can also draft other notices as and when for you.

Write, edit, or proofread.

You will more than like do all of your own writing, editing, and proofreading nonetheless, a second set of eyes will prove to be invaluable.

Whatever it is that you need support with please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements further.

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