Stand out on Twitter by tweeting things that will get you noticed.


Twitter is faced paced with a continuous stream of messages. With large amounts of content, how can you get noticed before you get drowned out by the fast flow of messages, that are pushing you out of the limelight just as quickly as you came into it.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips that will help you attract attention from your followers.

Share other users content.

If you like the content that someone else has shared, let the person who tweeted it know you like it, comment and share it amongst your followers. Include hashtags so the subject is easy to find and follow.

Offer a solution to a problem.

Being helpful will get you noticed. Twitter is a relaxed social media forum and jumping in on tweets is friendly not rude. If you know how to solve a problem include a link and a twitter handle to the relevant website.

Ask an open question.

Generate a debate or discussion by asking an open question to your followers. If one of your followers doesn’t know the answer, they may retweet and get their followers involved in the discussion.

Retweet and add your own twist.

Don’t just retweet, add a comment before you hit the send button. Giving your opinion and sharing your perspective will create engagement.

Offer advice.

Offer advice. Tweeting tips and advice which are relevant to your business is a great way to develop thought leadership and credibility within your field.

Be factual.

Facts and statistics are interesting. People love learning about their area of interest and industry. Encourage engagement by asking them to learn more about the topic out for discussion.

Be Inspirational.

Everyone loves a good quote. Many users feel motivated by reading inspirational quotes on a daily basis, so why not share your quote amongst your followers and tweet about it, hopefully it will promote and trigger others to share it too.

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