Marketing techniques for every budget!

Marketing and promoting your products and, or services are important and necessary if you want to grow your business, optimise new leads and convert them into new customers.

I wanted to talk you through the different options available out there, that you can consider implementing into your marketing strategy.

Whatever your budget is, there are techniques out there for your business that you can start implementing.

  • Email marketing and digital newsletters are a great way of advertising your business news and successes.
  • Social media scheduling and online networking groups are a fantastic way to engage with the world from the comfort of your office, target your key audience and promote your products and services.
  • Video and vlogging isn’t for everyone but it is set to be a huge marketing technique in 2018.
  • If video isn’t for you, then blogging is a must! If you struggle with content ideas why not hire a virtual assistant to write your blogs for you. Prices start from £120 per blog post.
  • Facebook ads and Google AdWords, you can pay to boost your posts and measure your data easily, prices vary and start from £40 per month, pick your goal and you only pay when the goals have been achieved.

Once you have implemented a marketing strategy, don’t forget to measure the data. You need to review your results, so that you can figure out what worked well and what didn’t.

If you know what didn’t work this time, you can make changes to your strategy to ensure business growth and marketing success in the future.

Outsource you marketing to us at Stay Connected Virtual Assistance we will implement and manage your marketing for you. You can contact Keily on 01902 798189